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Complaints Resolution Policy

1. Return Policy

           When you receive the ordered products, please keep the product in its original condition as much as possible. both the product and the packaging.

           Company, there is a return policy for all purchases made through the KanVela Chocolate online store. (  to all customers The customer can return the product within 7 days after receiving the product. It depends on the description on the product details page. The return 

period starts from the moment the customer receives the product has been delivered to the customer's address.

(Including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) Customers can check the return period from the symbol shown on the product details page.)

(*Refer to the Direct Sales and Direct Marketing Act B.E. 2545)

Customers can choose from 2 methods of returning the product:

  • "Return the product for a refund" because

       (1) the customer wants the product that he wants to order on this company.

And (2) would like to receive a refund.

  • “To change the product” because

       (1) the customer wants to return the purchased product to these.

And (2) will be required to accept new, desirable and identical products as ordered by the customer. without customers change another product. because the customer wants to change the product to something else. The customer must return the product and order a new one only.

Conditions for returning the product to receive a refund and change the product.

The company will accept the return of the product to refund the customer. And change products for customers who order products through online shop KanVela Chocolate. ( Only in the following cases.

  • "Received the wrong product" because the product that the customer received it not accordance with the customer's order list. In the case of returning the product due to receiving the wrong product, this however.

  • “Products that have been torn, torn” means that the product received by the customer is damaged on the outside or inside. There are traces of peeling and tearing from the packaging that wraps the product.

  • “Broken product Not the same” means that the goods and packaging received by the customer are broken, melted, deformed from the original.

  • "The product has quality problems" because the product received by the customer is not the same.

  • "Expire product" because the product received by the customer has passed the warranty date or the expire.

  • "Change of mind" means The customer decides to return the product for reasons other than those listed above. The company reserves the right to return the product / refund / change the product due to "the customer changed his mind".

The company will not accept returns or exchanges. In the following cases.

  • The product's shape has changed from when it entered the company.

  • Items not purchased from Kanvela Chocolate.

  • Items that have been opened, torn, or used.

  • The product is damaged or damaged due to the return of the customer's packaging.

  • The customer does not request and returns the product within 7 days after the date of receipt of the product.

  • Products that are free gifts or participate in special programs with conditions.


         The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the product to the company. Unless the return of the product is caused by the company's mistake, for example, the delivery of the product does not match the item ordered by the customer or the product received by the customer is different from the nature of the product normally received.

*** Please return the product to the company carefully. To ensure that those products will be returned to us in normal condition, not damaged.

Processing time

         Customers who want to return products for a refund or change the product must notify the intention within 7 days. from the date of receiving the product In case of requesting a refund, the company will refund the customer within 15 working days from the date of receiving the request from the customer. for product replacement It will take the Company up to 30 business days (in some cases longer) from the date on which the returned Product is received by the Company from the Customer. If you want to contact the company to request or inquire about the progress of the operation Customers can contact or inquire at our online customer service center. Or send a chat message on Facebook Kanvela Craft Chocolate page or email

The company reserves the right.

         The company reserves the right to cancel the order and return all products and services to the customer. to settle the conflict. The Company reserves the right to refuse returns for refunds, refunds or replacements that do not comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this Returns Policy. The company reserves the right to amend/improve/modify terms of this return policy without prior notice.


2. Refund Policy

  • How to refund

      Transfer money to the customer's account.

  • Refund period

      Not more than 15 working days from the date of receiving the request from the customer.


"workdays" means Monday - Saturday, excluding Sundays and public holidays. The refund period may be specified in the order schedule. It depends on the customer's bank procedures.

Additional terms for refunds

         The Company may contact the Customer and request additional documentation to facilitate the refund request. from non-compliance with customer requirements or providing confirmation to submit further refund requests.

3. Product Warranty Policy

         The Company represents and warrants that products sold to consumers through the Kanvela Chocolate Online Shop (

1) Delivered correctly according to the criteria

2) Produced according to good principles and methods in food production

3) Manufactured under a quality assurance system to meet the above certifications; and

4) Free from piracy upon delivery

         The company is determined and determined on the basis of consumer rights and is ready to act in order to achieve accuracy, equality, transparency and care for every customer. Including the selection of products and the process of service to meet the needs of customers the most. If there is a conflict The Company will do its best within the scope of its duties and responsibilities. to correct/compensate those problems.

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