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Our Story

KANVELA in Thai means "the passage of time.”

SINCE 2018

With the goal of producing world-class Thai chocolate, our bars are made from the finest beans of healthy cacao trees that we have carefully nurtured and cultivated in our orchards. Through meticulous research and tireless testing, we discovered a production process suitable for local ingredients. We call this breakthrough the “KanVela Method”. This method is derived from the way we sustainably take care of our cacao orchards with our farmers, to our factories where we innovate unique flavors for our premium chocolate products. It is through this method that has allowed KanVela to have won many awards worldwide, especially the International Rising Star Award from the renowned Academy of Chocolate, UK.

Quality Produce Planting

Quality Produce

At KanVela, we take great care to study and research every step of the chocolate-making process, starting with the selection of the right cacao plant strains to use as raw materials. We work closely with agriculturalists throughout the process, including sharing knowledge and expertise, in order to foster long-term sustainability. This meticulous attention to detail allows us to create an array of delicious and varied flavors for our customers.




We use unique post-harvesting techniques, including fresh cacao bean fermentation and sun drying, to carefully prepare our raw materials. These methods, developed through years of in-house knowledge and experience, give our cacao beans a distinct and delicious flavor profile. We also share our valuable key experiences with planting farmers to help them improve their own processes. These careful post-harvesting procedures help set our products apart and contribute to their high quality.

Post Harvesting

Quality Production


We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. That's why our production factories have been rigorously inspected and approved by the Thai Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, we use only the highest quality machinery and equipment in our chocolate production, imported from Italy to ensure the best possible results. When you choose Kan Vela products, you can trust that they have undergone meticulous production processes and meet the highest standards.


Thai Craft Chocolate

We are committed to producing the highest quality chocolate using only natural ingredients that have been accentuated with the absolute minimum of chemical substances. The result is a range of chocolate products that are both beautifully presented and full of flavor. Our products are ornamentally festive, exciting, and intriguing, embodying the timeless elegance of KanVela Craft Chocolate.

Thai Craft
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