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Tree To Bar

Chocolate Bar

Net Weight 60 g. 

Price :  195.-


44% Strawberry
White Chocolate

KanVela Strawberry White Chocolate is meticulously crafted from our housemade natural cacao butter, extracted from our premium cacao beans. With a bright, delicious blend of Thai cacao and fresh strawberries, savor the mellow smoothness of our KanVela Strawberry White Chocolate.


57% Dark Milk

KanVela Milk Chocolate is a celebration of Thai

cacao beans meticulously handpicked and

selected to ensure notes of dried fruit and nuts.

The introduction of milk to our KanVela Milk

Chocolate creates a rich and delicate tone that

balances with the distinctive aroma of tropical 

fruits, a signature of the Thai-Chumphon variety.


70% Dark Chocolate
Thailand Origin

KanVela Thailand Origin is a celebration

of the cacao trees grown in our Chiang Mai and Prachuap Khiri Khan orchards. Through a

6 day fermentation process in Chiang Mai, our fresh cacao is extracted for the finest flavor that deeply reflects the Thai identity of our Chumphon variety.Indulge yourself in our KanVela Thailand Origin and slowly taste the soft envelope of brownfruit almond and raisin.


70% Dark Chocolate
Chiang Mai Origin

KanVela Chiang Mai Origin is a celebration of

our cacao trees in our Mae Taeng District orchard, Chiang Mai Province. The trees are planted in  Mediterranean red soil that was passed through a 7-day fermentation process, at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. With a velvety texture and a harmony of tropical fruit, longan, and  citrustones, indulge yourself in our signature  KanVela Chiang Mai Origin.


Honey Milk Chocolate with Rice berry Cracker

Milk chocolate with Chiang Mai Longan flower honey gives out sweet taste of the flower blooms enhanced with the crunch of organic riceberry crackers from Chiang Rai, one of famous rice-producing city in North of Thailand. Take a moment out of your day to enjoy this ultimate treat.


Salted Caramel Toast with Jasmine Rice Cracker

Savour a sweet moment with Salted Caramel Toast white chocolate with organic Jasmine rice crackers from Chiang Rai, one of famous rice-producing city in North of Thailand. Chunky block of our signature white chocolate gives a perfect balance of crunchy and creamy with a
hint of a bit salty.


58% Dark Milk Mocha
With Crispy rice

KanVela Mocha with Crispy Rice is milk chocolate, packed with the exceptionality of Thai local produce as it is filled with lightly roasted and ground Thai coffee beans and premium Thai Jasmine rice puffs. The soft and delicate fragrance is juxtaposed with the immediate crunchiness of the bar, elevating your tasting experience further. Suitable for eating

any time of the day but especially a lovely indulgence for your rise-and-shine.


72% Dark Chocolate
Klongloi Origin

KanVela Klong Loi Origin is a celebration of our 

Chumphon cacao trees grown at Klong Loi Village, Bang Saphan District in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.The trees are over ten years old and are rhythmically hand-harvested and fermented at Klong Loi Village.

Indulge yourself in the softness of KanVela

Klong Loi Origin and bite into a symphony of

cinnamon, toasted coconut, caramel and red fruits

Mini Chocolate Bar

Net Weight 30 g. 

Price :  98.-

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Dark Milk


Dark Chocolate

Thailand Origin


Dark Chocolate

Klongloi Origin

Dark Chocolate
Chiang Mai Origin

White Chocolate

Dark Milk



Dark Chocolate



White Chocolate

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